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Events, Pictures Sakai Paintings in Art Show by Ioulia Reynolds of RHOV!


On Tuesday, April 9th, Ioulia Reynolds of RHOV had her art show ‘Antithesis of Digital Sickness’ for her Creative Art Management company. It was at the beautiful Waterfall Building, and three of my paintings were part of the show. The final episode of Real Housewives of Vancouver was also aired at the event. It was such a fun night, and below is a selection of photos.

Magellanic Cloud painting by Stacy Sakai

My Magellanic Cloud painting at the Creative Art Management event

Ioulia Reynold's Creative Art Mgmt event

Creative Art Management event at the Waterfall Building. Photo by Xelha Photography

Stacy Sakai

Stacy Sakai in front of her ‘Enlightened’ painting. Photo by Dan Poh

Sakai interviewed by Ioulia Reynolds

Being interviewed by Ioulia Reynolds. Photo by Dan Poh

Interview by Ioulia

Describing the painting process during interview by Ioulia Reynolds. Photo by Xelha Photography

Stacy Sakai and Wesley

With my friend Wesley Yuen in front of my ‘Enlightened’ painting. Photo by Xelha Photography

Stacy Sakai and Ioulia Reynolds

Stacy Sakai with Ioulia Reynolds at her Creative Art Mgmt art show. Photo by Xelha Photography

Ioulia Reynolds of Creative Art Mgmt

Creative Art Mgmt CEO Ioulia Reynolds. Photo by Dan Poh

Waterfall Building after art show

The beautiful Waterfall Building after the event

Events, Video Video from SR Auto Group Opening Gala


The SR Auto Group opening gala on March 9th was a fabulous event! Very elegant, and a lot of fun. I already posted pictures from that night, and below is a link to the post on the SR Auto Group website with their video. Enjoy!

SR Auto Group Opening Gala

Art Installations, Events Treadz Tire Art Featured at SR Auto Group Grand Opening!


The new Richmond location for SR Auto Group is featuring one the Treadz Tire Art paintings, created by Stacy Sakai and Raymond Chow.

On March 9, 2013, SR held a grand opening event. It was a fantastic evening of meeting new people, music, art, and of course – awesome cars! Below is a selection of photos from the event.

Photos provided by SR Auto Group (as watermarked), and Stacy Sakai.

Red carpet at SR

Red carpet entrance for SR Autogroup grand opening

SR outside

SR Autgroup

Treadz Tire Art at SR

Treadz Tire Art by Raymond Chow and Stacy Sakai

SR showroom

SR showroom

White Lamborghini at SR

White Lamborghini at SR

 Inside Lamborghini

Stacy Sakai trying out the driver’s seat…

White Lamborghini at SR

White Lamborghini with light display

Raymond Chow and Stacy Sakai

Raymond Chow and Stacy Sakai at SR Autogroup grand opening in front of the beautiful Fazioli piano

Raymond Chow, Stacy Sakai, and Tony Yuen

Stacy Sakai with Raymond Chow and Tony Yuen in front of the Treadz Tire Art painting!

Events Fabulous Event at Arthur Erickson’s Beautiful Waterfall Building


On Thursday, February 14th, I participated in a special event put on by Luvngrace Entertainment & Hennessy Cognac at the Waterfall Building! There was plenty of fashion, live music, fancy cupcakes by Lyttle Bake Shop, Hennessy Cognac cocktails, and of course, art!

I had a great time at this fantastic event! So much fun…

Here is a small selection of photos…

Artwork installed in Waterfall Building

Sakai paintings ‘The Dream’ and ‘Enlightened’ installed at the Waterfall Building.

Guests arriving at event

Guests arriving at the event. Photo by Dan Poh

Hive Mind Millinery at Waterfall event

Dominique of Hive Mind Millinery (on the right), and Momona Komagata in one of Dominique’s designs. Photo by Dan Poh

Fashion at the Waterfall

Kristi Mahé on the fashion runway. Photo by Dan Poh

Jim Cummins performing

Jim Cummins performing. Photo by Dan Poh

Singing performance

Sarah Karkouch performing, with Sakai’s ‘Enlightened’ painting in the background. Photo by Don Wilson

Getting ready to be interviewed. Photo by Barry Ostash

Stacy Sakai being interviewed

Stacy Sakai being interviewed on her paintings at the event, and the concept for the One And The Same series they are part of. Photo by Barry Ostash

Stacy Sakai being interviewed

A fun interview with Kendra for Hemstock Films. Photo by Hush Magazine

Stacy Sakai at the Waterfall event

Stacy Sakai in front of her ‘Enlightened’ painting. Photo by Dan Poh

Events Sakai Exhibiting Paintings at the Waterfall Building


On February 14th, I will be exhibiting select paintings at the LA SAINT VALENTIN event, presented by Luvngrace, Hennessy Cognac, and the Waterfall Building.

8:30 pm-11:30pm
1540 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC
(nearby the entrance to Granville Island)

It’s going to be a beautiful evening of fashion and art!

Tickets $50 Advance on sale now for one of Vancouvers most fabulous VALENTINES Events at the gorgeous Waterfall Building! $50 Includes 2 cocktails by Hennessey (Cognac) & appetizer. Tickets available at
& at Bella Garnet Beauty Salon-1042 Hamilton Street, Yaletown, Vancouver BC.

The Waterfall Building was designed in 1996 by the legendary Arthur Erickson.

La Saint Valentin event at the Waterfall Building

La Saint Valentin event at the Waterfall Building

Events ‘Eggshells on Rice’ paintings by Sakai Featured At Dine Out Vancouver Event


I was invited to display food related paintings at a special event for Dine Out Vancouver at Pink Elephant Thai. None of my existing paintings were food related, so I decided to create new pieces. After a lot of contemplation on what to do, I chose to mix eggshells and rice into the paint rather than paint food as a subject matter.

At Pink Elephant Thai restaurant, I displayed the paintings like dinner settings with black napkins and chopsticks. It was a fun night, with music by DJ Jeremy Slattery, and live painting by Bill Higginson and Olga Rybalko, as well as great food!

Below are photos, courtesy of Norm Lee Photography.

Stacy Sakai with the Eggshells on Rice paintings at Pink Elephant Thai restaurant.

Sakai with 'Eggshells on Magenta Rice'

Sakai with ‘Eggshells on Magenta Rice’

Dine Out event at Pink Elephant Thai

DJ on the upper level, with the Dine Out guests below.

Events Stacy Sakai on Shaw TV’s “Go! Vancouver” show


Today, I was interviewed and filmed in my studio for Shaw TV’s “Go! Vancouver” show!

It’ll be a short piece, and it was so much fun filming it! I discuss different paintings and projects I’ve worked on, including my Eggshells on Rice paintings for Dine Out Vancouver!

It will air at the end of January. I will post more details once the date is confirmed. Stay tuned!

Events Stacy Sakai Exhibiting at a Special Event for Dine Out Vancouver!


I have created a new series of paintings specifically for the Dine Out Vancouver event!

These abstract paintings are mixed media, with acrylic paint, rice, and eggshells. They will be on display at a special Dine Out Vancouver evening put on by Frances Hui of FHS Events, at the Pink Elephant Thai restaurant on January 22, 2013.

Please see the Dine Out Vancouver website for tickets, and additional information.

Dine Out Vancouver Festival

Dine Out Vancouver – January 18th to February 3rd, 2013!

Pink Elephant Thai Restaurant

Pink Elephant Thai on Alberni, Vancouver BC.

Events, Press ‘Light of Hope’ Charity Event


It’s such an honour to be part of the Light of Hope event at Inner Evolution Healing Centre, in Vancouver BC. This is a charitable event in support of orphaned girls in India. A selection of my paintings is currently hanging at Inner Evolution, and I will be donating 50% of any sales to the Light of Hope charity.

For more information, please see this article in Darpan Magazine!

Events An exciting collaboration with SR Autogroup!


SR Autogroup is opening a luxurious, new head office, and we have a special collaboration in the works! A sneak preview can be seen on the SR Autogroup website.

More details coming soon!

A splash of colour

A splash of colour