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Events, Pictures After the ‘Interspace’ Painting Performance


Here are some additional photographs from the Interspace photoshoot…

After the performance

Painted elbow length gloves

Stacy Sakai relaxing on the stage after the painting performance.

Events, Video The ‘Interspace’ Painting Performance


My Interspace painting is part of my current series about our connection to the Universe, and everything in it.

Creating ‘Interspace’ on a stage was very exciting! The freedom of expression was amazing! I had a photographer capture the experience, and the photos have been made into a video. The video incorporates our collaboration of painting, photography, music, and video design. I feel so honoured to have such an incredible team of artists on this video of my painting performance!!!

Photography by Dave Dutton, music by Barry Ostash of STAVOC and Steven Kitchen of Dephorm/Hologram, and video production by STAVOC.

The video can be viewed here on YouTube.

Below are some photographs from the photoshoot. All photos are credit to Dave Dutton.

The beginning of Interspace

Interspace painting

Creating the layers

The colours developing

A quick contemplation


Stacy Sakai in front of the 'Interspace' painting