Human Element

From abstract and raw, to realistic, the Human Element collection of paintings is about the energy we project. At the deepest level of energy and consciousness, humans are connected to each other and everything in existence. Our beliefs, values, and perspectives have a great impact on ourselves, and our experience in life. Therefore, we must lead with our mind, and the physical reality will follow, like a shadow or reflection cast from our consciousness.

Eggshells on Rice

This is a mixed media series with acrylic paint, eggshells, and rice. The paintings were created specifically for a Dine Out Vancouver 2013 event.


TREADZ Tire Art is a collaboration between Raymond Chow and Stacy Sakai. This ongoing series of abstract expressionist paintings is created using tires to impress tread marks onto the canvas, leaving beautiful, multi-coloured patterns.

One And The Same

At the quantum level, everything in the Universe is essentially energy, and there are no hard boundaries. The \"One And The Same\" series of paintings is about our connection to the Universe, and everything in it.

Perspectives - 2010 and 2011

The paintings in this selection are based on the Hubble’s images of space objects. As I painted, I focused on capturing my reaction to the image, rather than just the image. In each painting, I emphasize what resonates with me.

Infinity Series - 2009

In this abstract impressionist series, I wanted to capture my thoughts on the concept of infinity. In each set, I chose to use one of the three primary colours of light - red, blue, and green - to represent different frequencies of energy flowing endlessly.

Spaced Out - 2009

This selection of paintings was exhibited in a solo art show at grace-gallery, Vancouver, BC. The opening reception was held on September 17, 2009. These are paintings of nebulae and galaxies, based on images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Stellar Drift - 2008

As I began to study astronomy and cosmology, I felt compelled to paint some of the amazing images of galaxies and nebulae I came across. My paintings in this series are based on images of nebulae, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Spectrum Series - 2007

After studying the electromagnetic spectrum, I was inspired to create paintings with colours that span the visible portion of the spectrum. In this abstract expressionist series, my finger strokes wave through each painting as the energy we vibrate waves through the sea of light we exist in. The splattered white paint represents the flow of zero point field energy, and the words “so grateful” are etched into the paint.

Select Works

This is a selection of paintings from 2002 - 2006.

Orchid Impressions

This series of orchid paintings is from 2001.