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Events, Pictures Sakai Paintings in Art Show by Ioulia Reynolds of RHOV!


On Tuesday, April 9th, Ioulia Reynolds of RHOV had her art show ‘Antithesis of Digital Sickness’ for her Creative Art Management company. It was at the beautiful Waterfall Building, and three of my paintings were part of the show. The final episode of Real Housewives of Vancouver was also aired at the event. It was such a fun night, and below is a selection of photos.

Magellanic Cloud painting by Stacy Sakai

My Magellanic Cloud painting at the Creative Art Management event

Ioulia Reynold's Creative Art Mgmt event

Creative Art Management event at the Waterfall Building. Photo by Xelha Photography

Stacy Sakai

Stacy Sakai in front of her ‘Enlightened’ painting. Photo by Dan Poh

Sakai interviewed by Ioulia Reynolds

Being interviewed by Ioulia Reynolds. Photo by Dan Poh

Interview by Ioulia

Describing the painting process during interview by Ioulia Reynolds. Photo by Xelha Photography

Stacy Sakai and Wesley

With my friend Wesley Yuen in front of my ‘Enlightened’ painting. Photo by Xelha Photography

Stacy Sakai and Ioulia Reynolds

Stacy Sakai with Ioulia Reynolds at her Creative Art Mgmt art show. Photo by Xelha Photography

Ioulia Reynolds of Creative Art Mgmt

Creative Art Mgmt CEO Ioulia Reynolds. Photo by Dan Poh

Waterfall Building after art show

The beautiful Waterfall Building after the event

Events, Pictures TREADZ Tire Art at the Luxury & Supercar Weekend!


This summer, Raymond Chow and I created our TREADZ Tire Art paintings. This unique series debuted at the Luxury & Supercar Weekend, September 8 – 9, 2012. What a fantastic event!!!

Here are some pictures from the weekend…

Shimmering Silver painting

Raymond Chow and Stacy Sakai in front of “Shimmering Silver.”

Painting exhibit

Paintings on display in the ‘Owners Lounge.’


Paintings on the back wall, beside the wine table.

Mercedes tent at the car show

The Mercedes tent where the fashion shows were held.

Stacy Sakai with Nigel Matthews

Stacy Sakai with Nigel Matthews!

Stacy with car

Stacy with a vintage car.


Mercedes on display.

Hot orange car

Beautiful car!

Raymond on piano

Raymond Chow playing on the ‘John Lennon’ piano!

Events, Pictures TREADZ Tire Art Exhibiting Now at the Luxury & Supercar Weekend!


The TREADZ Tire Art series of paintings is a collaboration between Raymond Chow and Stacy Sakai. The artwork is on display in the VIP section of the fantastic Luxury & Supercar Weekend at VanDusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver BC.

Images of all the TREADZ paintings can be seen by clicking on the TREADZ Tire Art link under the ‘Galleries of Paintings’ tab at the top.

Treadz Ferrari Magenta painting

“TREADZ Ferrari Magenta”


Events, Pictures After the ‘Interspace’ Painting Performance


Here are some additional photographs from the Interspace photoshoot…

After the performance

Painted elbow length gloves

Stacy Sakai relaxing on the stage after the painting performance.

Pictures, Video New Painting Featured in STAVOC music video!


My latest painting “Birdsong” is featured in a video with music by STAVOC and Dephorm, aka Steven Kitchen. As Barry Ostash of STAVOC says, there is ‘Unity Through Music.’ This video certainly demonstrates that, with us all working together despite Steven Kitchen being across the ocean in Liverpool, UK. I love how people can be brought together through the universal language of art and music!

You can check out the video on YouTube. Enjoy!

Birdsong painting with STAVOC logo

Title page of video featuring my painting, with the STAVOC logo.

For more information on STAVOC, please see the following sites:

Events, Pictures Group Art Show at the Historic Old Foundry Building


During Culture Days, on October 1st, I will be part of a group exhibition at the historic Old Foundry Building in Vancouver, BC!

The other participating artists are Carolyn Kramer, Liza J. Lee, Dr. Lycia Trouton, Rojia Dadashzadeh, and Jim Landecker. We are creating collaborative pieces of mixed media, and also exhibiting our own work.

More details will be announced in the coming weeks!

Stacy Sakai with "Bonanza" painting

Sakai with her "Bonanza" painting, featured for Culture Days art show

Events, Pictures Upcoming Events!


Another collaboration with STAVOC is in the works, once again combining music and art! One of my paintings will be used as a backdrop for a YouTube video with music by STAVOC.

For more information on this band and their music, please see the following sites:

I’ve been very busy painting, and I’ve also started on some specific paintings for a group show during Culture Days! One of the paintings is a collaborative piece with another artist. I will post more details on this, as the dates approach.

I’m having so much fun working with other artists from different genres of creative expression. It is both inspiring and mind-expanding!

Photo credit: Dan Poh

Stacy and Barry Ostash of STAVOC

Stacy Sakai with Barry Ostash of STAVOC at Pamela Masik's recent art show.

Pictures, Video Stacy Sakai teams up with STAVOC on a music video!


Barry Ostash, singer, songwriter and guitarist for STAVOC, has created a music video featuring my Antennae painting! The music video is for the song “A Bond Has Been Broken,” by STAVOC in collaboration with Steven Kitchen of Hologram, who is located in Liverpool, UK.

Barry Ostash of STAVOC

Barry Ostash of STAVOC

You can view the music video here on YouTube. Watch for more in this series of music/art videos by STAVOC!

In their words…

“With a mutual love for MUSIC in all its beautiful forms, a band of unique individuals connected & joined forces to become: STAVOC.”

For more information on this band and their music, please see the following sites:





Events, Pictures News Director for Hubble (STScI) Visits My Studio!


On Friday, January 14th, 2011, I had dinner with Ray Villard, the News Director for Hubble. It was great having a one-on-one conversation with him, and hearing the latest news. It was also fascinating to hear about how it feels to be the first ones to see the amazing, mind-blowing views Hubble brings us.

After dinner, Ray came to my studio to see my paintings of Hubble images. It was in 2008 that I was first inspired to create paintings based on Hubble images, and I showed him a selection of paintings from then until now. He also got to see my latest work in progress!

It was truly an honour to have Ray visit my studio. It was wonderful to hear his comments, and get his feedback on my work. Of course while he was there, he was also able to check out the 18′ telescope designed and built by Craig Breckenridge. It was certainly an inspiring evening…

Ray Villard visits my studio.

Stacy Sakai and Ray Villard in front of the Magellanic Cloud painting.

Ray Villard visits my studio.

In front of the telescope with Craig Breckenridge and Ray Villard

Events, Pictures Private Art Event at my Studio!


Last week, I had a special event to celebrate my new art studio, located within a telescope workshop. What an amazing night!!! The guests all had fun and enjoyed seeing the art, and of course seeing the huge 18 foot telescope under construction!

So many people told me what great energy and warmth they felt in the space. I am truly grateful to those people who so generously offered me their time and talent to make it such a great time for everyone – Jerry the DJ, Dan the photographer, Mik for bartending, Cindi for helping me hostess, and of course Craig and Jill for their endless kindness and support.

All photos credit to photographer Dan Poh.

Studio event

Stacy Sakai at her open studio event.

Studio event

Art displayed with the 18' telescope under construction.

Studio event

Perched on the telescope with Andy Chu, Creator and Producer, Arc 2 Intertainment.

Studio event

Andy is too much fun!

Studio event

Craig Breckenridge with the telescope he is designing and building.

Studio event

Stacy Sakai with Andy Chu and Pamela Masik.

Studio event

Talking with artist Raymond Chow.

Studio event

Paintings displayed on a ladder.

Studio event

On top of the ladder beneath the Veil paintings.