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Events, Poetry Culture Days art show at Raw Canvas


As part of the Culture Days national celebration of arts and culture across Canada, the Craftivism show will be on display at Raw Canvas in Yaletown, Vancouver BC on September 25, 2010.

For this show, artists were asked to paint on three 8″ x 8″ canvasses with the theme of community and sustainability. The Craftivism show will also be  part of the Main Art Drift on October 2-3, 2010.

Shown below is my triptych “One Sky” along with a haiku I wrote on the theme of the show.

One Sky painting

One Sky

One sky above us,
One community, one world…
Clouds lined in silver.

Poetry Life and Love

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Life and Love…

In this physical world we’re bound
To live our lives, though I have found

Through all the joys and struggles we survive
It is true love that keeps us alive.

Even when a life is lost
We’re so very devastated by the cost.

What seemed so happy, safe and secure
When seen through tears, it’s all a blur.

Yet when the tears slow, and eventually subside
Then dimensions of space and time collide.

We see that life overflows this earthly space so small
And realize that true love transcends it all.

Poetry In memory of my wonderful mother…


February 17, 1939 – November 30, 2009



Me and my Mother

Me and my Mother

Poetry Stars



A symbolic reminder

of the miracles and abundance

that we can’t always see,

but is always there.

Poetry I Had a Dream.


I had a dream,
One of a hundred…

And though it may seem,
It is not yet dead.

For my dreams evolve,
They still live on…

And with my heart’s resolve,
They still stay strong.

Poetry Our Energy


Instead of chasing, attract.

Instead of struggling, allow.

Instead of resisting, accept.

Instead of fearing, trust.

Poetry Mountain of Life


Up the mountain of life I climb,
To reach the pinnacle will be sublime.

The journey is winding and the path unknown,
It follows the spread of seeds I’ve sown.

With pain and fear I step around a crevasse,
I know deep down that this too shall pass.

At the next plateau I cling to the ground,
My beating heart is the only sound.

I slowly stand and look at all that is life,
It’s filled with joy, and also strife.

Sometimes the sun is shining and the world is aglow;
Sometimes the wind is cold and there is ice and snow.

To reach the top, I must always strive,
All that matters is that I’m alive.

The journey is hard, but I must believe,
For that is the only way to receive.

I keep my eyes on the peak far away,
But my focus is on each moment, each day.

Poetry Dawn


My mind is blown
I sit and weep
My pre-conceived notions
I cannot keep.

I sit in awe
I stare in wonder
My basic understanding
Is torn asunder.

My thoughts expand
I begin to see
The world is not
What it seems to be.

I see beyond
What I saw before
It’s just as if
I’ve stepped through a door.

The beauty unfolds
As I look around
I feel the power
And possibilities abound.

It seems so pure
It feels so right
I know that I
Have seen the light.

Poetry Adrift At Sea


The storm abates, leaving grey mist in the air.
I slowly stand and assess the damage to repair.
I scan the horizon, endless sea and sky.
I fight the urge to keep asking why.

Gathering strength, I begin fixing things fast.
I do not stop, until it’s complete at last.
I must always be ready – as much as can be.
I take my bearings and plot my course across the sea.

The sails are set and I stand at the wheel.
I stare ahead, savouring the hope that I feel.
My destination lies far ahead – out of sight.
Who knows what I’ll encounter through darkness and light.

But I will be ready for I know that I must.
Beyond that there is only faith and trust.
The battle for survival must always be fought.
I stand alone, but I know that I’m not.

Poetry A Moment In Time


I saw eternity
on a Hawaiian beach.

The moonlight glistened
on the gentle waves.

Just a glimpse
and it was gone;

And the waves continued
to break upon the rocks.

Same as the past;
Same as this moment;
Same as the future.