Poetry Adrift At Sea


The storm abates, leaving grey mist in the air.
I slowly stand and assess the damage to repair.
I scan the horizon, endless sea and sky.
I fight the urge to keep asking why.

Gathering strength, I begin fixing things fast.
I do not stop, until it’s complete at last.
I must always be ready –¬†as much as can be.
I take my bearings and plot my course across the sea.

The sails are set and I stand at the wheel.
I stare ahead, savouring the hope that I feel.
My destination lies far ahead – out of sight.
Who knows what I’ll encounter through darkness and light.

But I will be ready for I know that I must.
Beyond that there is only faith and trust.
The battle for survival must always be fought.
I stand alone, but I know that I’m not.

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