Press Artwalk Vancouver 2010 – Press Release


ArtWalk Vancouver Opening Night February 12 and Weekend Tour Showing Over 250 Artists

Friday, February 12th, 2010 (6pm to 11 pm) – Rachel Zottenberg of grace-gallery in collaboration with ArtWalk Vancouver 2010 presents ArtWalk Opening Night Party at 2 – 32 Water Street, Vancouver, headquarters of the grace-gallery satellite spaces featuring 23 of Vancouver’s top artists:

Raif Adelberg, Lisa Birke, Ronan Boyle, Bienvenido Cruz, Andy Dixon, The Dark, Christopher Donnelly, Christopher Fadden, Kris Krug, Malcolm Levy, Jeremy Riley, Pamela Masik, Jennifer Mawby, Christian Nicolay, Jeff Petry, Black Peter, Office Supplies Inc., Stacy Sakai, Jesse Savath, Philippe Sokazo, Johnny Taylor, Andrew Tong and Weakhand.

DJs for the opening night are: Michael Venus, Dickey Doo, and Cherchez! The opening night is sponsored by Bear Flag Wine, and City of Vancouver through the Great Beginnings Project and CAN.

ArtWalk Weekend Tour on February 13 and 14, 2010

Following the opening, on the weekend of February 13 and 14, 2010, artists and galleries in the Downtown Eastside, Gastown and Chinatown are opening their spaces to the public for viewing, sales, demonstrations and education. Visitors are invited to explore the galleries, retail spaces, studios and temporary “pop up” grace-gallery satellite spaces, and to see the work of over 250 artists from a full spectrum of disciplines. The ArtWalk weekend provides an opportunity for great public exposure for both locals and tourists during the much-anticipated 2010 Winter Games. Maps, signs and other media are available at

About Rachel Zottenberg, grace-gallery and the ArtWalk

In a few short weeks, the energetic Rachel Zottenberg, Director of grace-gallery, boldly secured empty, raw spaces from developers for grace-gallery satellite spaces, and transformed them for ArtWalk Vancouver 2010. Rachel is known to assist artists in the development and presentation of new visual, performing, literary and media art. She encourages artists to take risks, cross boundaries, ask questions, and develop the culture of Vancouver’s art community.

Rachel is also the Curator of ArtWalk Vancouver 2010. The ArtWalk Vancouver Society was founded to provide a platform to promote and aid visual artists in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Chinatown and Gastown community. It’s mission is to present an annual event of the highest standard for the enrichment of cultural life in Vancouver. The ArtWalk serves as a catalyst to arouse wider public interest in the arts, and to encourage artistic dialogue and cultural exchange.

Join the first annual ArtWalk Vancouver 2010, and support the hard work and passion of local artists and artisans who love creating and making art for the sake of art. For more information about this inaugural opening and tour, contact Rachel Zottenberg at:

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