Events, Pictures TREADZ Tire Art at the Luxury & Supercar Weekend!


This summer, Raymond Chow and I created our TREADZ Tire Art paintings. This unique series debuted at the Luxury & Supercar Weekend, September 8 – 9, 2012. What a fantastic event!!!

Here are some pictures from the weekend…

Shimmering Silver painting

Raymond Chow and Stacy Sakai in front of “Shimmering Silver.”

Painting exhibit

Paintings on display in the ‘Owners Lounge.’


Paintings on the back wall, beside the wine table.

Mercedes tent at the car show

The Mercedes tent where the fashion shows were held.

Stacy Sakai with Nigel Matthews

Stacy Sakai with Nigel Matthews!

Stacy with car

Stacy with a vintage car.


Mercedes on display.

Hot orange car

Beautiful car!

Raymond on piano

Raymond Chow playing on the ‘John Lennon’ piano!

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