Events ‘Eggshells on Rice’ paintings by Sakai Featured At Dine Out Vancouver Event


I was invited to display food related paintings at a special event for Dine Out Vancouver at Pink Elephant Thai. None of my existing paintings were food related, so I decided to create new pieces. After a lot of contemplation on what to do, I chose to mix eggshells and rice into the paint rather than paint food as a subject matter.

At Pink Elephant Thai restaurant, I displayed the paintings like dinner settings with black napkins and chopsticks. It was a fun night, with music by DJ Jeremy Slattery, and live painting by Bill Higginson and Olga Rybalko, as well as great food!

Below are photos, courtesy of Norm Lee Photography.

Stacy Sakai with the Eggshells on Rice paintings at Pink Elephant Thai restaurant.

Sakai with 'Eggshells on Magenta Rice'

Sakai with ‘Eggshells on Magenta Rice’

Dine Out event at Pink Elephant Thai

DJ on the upper level, with the Dine Out guests below.

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