Events Fabulous Event at Arthur Erickson’s Beautiful Waterfall Building


On Thursday, February 14th, I participated in a special event put on by Luvngrace Entertainment & Hennessy Cognac at the Waterfall Building! There was plenty of fashion, live music, fancy cupcakes by Lyttle Bake Shop, Hennessy Cognac cocktails, and of course, art!

I had a great time at this fantastic event! So much fun…

Here is a small selection of photos…

Artwork installed in Waterfall Building

Sakai paintings ‘The Dream’ and ‘Enlightened’ installed at the Waterfall Building.

Guests arriving at event

Guests arriving at the event. Photo by Dan Poh

Hive Mind Millinery at Waterfall event

Dominique of Hive Mind Millinery (on the right), and Momona Komagata in one of Dominique’s designs. Photo by Dan Poh

Fashion at the Waterfall

Kristi Mahé on the fashion runway. Photo by Dan Poh

Jim Cummins performing

Jim Cummins performing. Photo by Dan Poh

Singing performance

Sarah Karkouch performing, with Sakai’s ‘Enlightened’ painting in the background. Photo by Don Wilson

Getting ready to be interviewed. Photo by Barry Ostash

Stacy Sakai being interviewed

Stacy Sakai being interviewed on her paintings at the event, and the concept for the One And The Same series they are part of. Photo by Barry Ostash

Stacy Sakai being interviewed

A fun interview with Kendra for Hemstock Films. Photo by Hush Magazine

Stacy Sakai at the Waterfall event

Stacy Sakai in front of her ‘Enlightened’ painting. Photo by Dan Poh

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