Poetry Mountain of Life


Up the mountain of life I climb,
To reach the pinnacle will be sublime.

The journey is winding and the path unknown,
It follows the spread of seeds I’ve sown.

With pain and fear I step around a crevasse,
I know deep down that this too shall pass.

At the next plateau I cling to the ground,
My beating heart is the only sound.

I slowly stand and look at all that is life,
It’s filled with joy, and also strife.

Sometimes the sun is shining and the world is aglow;
Sometimes the wind is cold and there is ice and snow.

To reach the top, I must always strive,
All that matters is that I’m alive.

The journey is hard, but I must believe,
For that is the only way to receive.

I keep my eyes on the peak far away,
But my focus is on each moment, each day.

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