Events, Pictures Taiwan Festival, Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza!


On Saturday, September 4, 2010, I was part of the Taiwan Festival, displaying my paintings in a booth with renowned artist Raymond Chow! We were outside at the Vancouver Art Gallery plaza, and it was packed with people before it even opened at noon. It was wonderful talking with Raymond all day, and I met so many people!

The festival had music and food, and booths set up for people to wander through…it was a beautiful day, and sooo much fun. Later in the evening, there was a fashion show on the main stage in the plaza, with three Taiwanese fashion designers showing their amazing work.

Below is a small selection of pictures of me and Raymond, and our exhibit of paintings.

Stacy with Raymond Chow

Stacy Sakai with Raymond Chow at our painting exhibition for the Taiwan Festival.

Vancouver Art Gallery

Stacy at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The Modern Woman is the current exhibition at the VAG.

Lion at Vancouver Art Gallery

One of the lions in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Stacy Sakai and Raymond Chow in front of our painting exhibition at the Taiwan Festival, Vancouver Art Gallery plaza.

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