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I love telescopes. They give a perspective unlike anything else.

Last night, I was privileged to visit Breckenridge Anderson Astronomical Ltd., a shop where telescopes are built. It was amazing to see what is involved in building a large custom telescope.

Stacy at Breckenridge Anderson Astronomical Ltd.

Stacy at Breckenridge Anderson Astronomical Ltd.

I stood beside a piece of equipment specifically designed for holding and transporting the primary mirror, for testing, and to simply move it around the shop. The mirror for this particular telescope is 50 inches across, and several inches deep, weighing 1100 pounds. The mirror was sitting in a crate nearby.

When the telescope is completed, it will stand 18 feet tall. This telescope will be situated in the southern hemisphere. It will peer into space, bringing us amazing imagery, and knowledge.

Telescopes are like eye glasses, helping us to see beyond what our human eyes are capable of. They help us see deep into space, and bring us back images that are absolutely breathtaking. They give us perspective…

For me, telescopes also give me my subject matter for painting. They bring me views of outer space – views of our universe.

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  1. Stan Truitt Says:

    Aloha Stacey,

    I too am a telescope enthusiast. The website listed is for our current project, not my own.

    I also love scientific art, and appreciate your perspectives.

    In appreciation,

    Stan Truitt Maui

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