Events TREADZ Tire Art! A Chow & Sakai Collaboration


This ongoing series of abstract expressionist paintings by Raymond Chow and Stacy Sakai is created using tires to impress tread marks onto the canvas, leaving beautiful, multi-coloured patterns.

In painting, abstract expressionism is about capturing a moment, and the energy of the application of paint. The marks left on the canvas by a particular tool, whether it’s a brush, a hand, or a tire, are a permanent record of the tool, the energy, and the artist making the mark in that particular moment in time.

To create these works of art, tires are covered in paint, and then rolled across a prepared canvas along various tracks, leaving a beautiful pattern and impression of the particular tire, and the artist’s choice of colour, direction and pressure.

The TREADZ Tire Art series will debut at a spectacular upcoming event! Details will be announced in a few days.

A close-up section of the first TREADZ painting.

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